MVC 5 Signal-R

Many times now a days we hear about Signal-R , so today i started going through what exactly it is. I read couple of Article on it and it seems to be very interesting topic and good technology to go with if we want to implement some application which require broadcasting or if we want to send any updates to Clients from server.

I remember years back when WCF was new in the market and one of my client wanted a Push mechanism to send updates to  client from server , where we used WCF nettcp Bindings for this.

Here the implementation that we did was when client get active it use to send the message to server and then we used to capture the details of client in dictionary. when any updates happen we used to send the updates to client.

So after reading this Signal-R and going through the Signal-R Chat application  it seems the things has become much simpler as no need to worry about Bindings and network level protocol every things a re handled by Signal-R .Net library .

Aslo good this about the is say if we want to broadcast something to all users who is visiting your website you just need to add 2 to 3 lines of code and you are done.

Following are the reference that i used to learn this.

Signal-R Tutorial

MVC5 and Signal-R

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