New Addition to VS 2013

Here i will give a quick overview of some features of Vs2013

  • JavaScript
    • Deprecation notes in Intellisense
    • Go To  Definition for name space
    • Identifier Highlighting
  • HTML design tools
    • Css Animation
    • Javascript Behaviours
    • Embed Custom Fonts
    • Data binding
    • Border Radius
    • Rulers and Guides
    • Search and set css properties
    • Find element using css syntax
  • XAML editor
    • The XAML editor supports IntelliSense for databinding and resources, smart commenting, and Go To Definition.
  • Browser Link
    • This featur helps in connecting multiple browser to visual studio and refresh them all by clicking the “Refresh linked Browser” in the toolbar
  • Authentication selection option when creating new project following are options
    • No Authentication
    • Individual User Accounts (ASP.NET membership or social provider log in)
    • Organizational Accounts (Active Directory in an internet application)
    • Windows Authentication (Active Directory in an intranet application)
  • ASP.NET Scaffolding
    • In previous version the scaffolding was limited to MVC,now we can use it with Asp.Net projects including Web Forms
  • Visual Studio 2013 includes a new HTML editor for Razor files and HTML files in web applications. The new HTML editor provides a single unified schema based on HTML5. It has automatic brace completion, jQuery UI and AngularJS attribute IntelliSense, attribute IntelliSense Grouping, ID and class name Intellisense, and other improvements including better performance, formatting and SmartTags.
  • Windows Azure Web Sites Support in Visual Studio
  • Easily Automate Web.Config file encryption while publishing application
  •  ASP.NET Web API now support attribute routing

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