ASP.NET App Suspended

With the release of .NET Framework 4.5.1 Microsoft has introduces a new terminology “SUSPEND” .   Lets us learn together what this SUSPEND is all bout and what it does.

ASP.NET App suspend is built on top of another new feature in windows server 2012 R2, called IIS Idle worker process Page-out  to know more about this you can visit the following link [ ].

ASP.NET App suspend is a new implementation of the IIS feature. This is a self-tuning mechanism for web hosting, something like CLR GC generation . The addition of suspend sets the three state of the site on a given machine.

  • Inactive sites
  • Active sites
  • Suspended sites

All sites that are hosted start with Inactive site,as there is a request by user for a site it is loaded into memory and become active and respond to the request here the state changes to Active Site,Later when the site is idle as determined by the timeout setting they become suspended.

The site which are in the suspended state lose access to CPU,making CPU cycle and memory available for other sites.  The suspended state site respond more faster then Inactive sites.

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